"High Tech Flat Bed Towing"

“The Flat-bed rig is impressive. No hooks or atttachments and your car is safely transported. Very professional service at a great price.” Nmyers.


Do you need a tow?  Contact Twin City Towing today!

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Towing in Winston Salem

Winston Salem Towing means Twin City Towing. We specialize in Towing in Winston Salem. Call us at 336-692-2615 anytime of day, 24/7, for all of your towing and road assistance needs in Winston Salem.

If you need towing, heavy towing, auto towing, car towing, Flatbed Towing, Towing in Winston Salem, Lockout, Fuel Delivery, Battery, Flat tire, roadside assistance, flat bed towing, 21 foot flat bed towing, boat towing, truck towing or another type of towing or emergency assistance, Winston Salem Towing is your professional to call for Towing in Winston Salem.Winston Salem Towing

Towing Rates

Some towing companies make up the rates as they go. Twin City Towing sets fair prices for Towing in Winston Salem. Towing customers deserve to know the rates, and those rates need to be fixed. Twin City Towing has high costs just like any other tow truck company and it seems like the price of fuel just goes up and up, and Twin City Towing is there when you need them, and your costs will be fair, and predictable.

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Winston Salem Towing

Twin City Towing is the best place to call for Towing in Winston Salem, Towing around Winston Salem and Towing through Winston Salem. Twin City Towing specializes in car towing, truck towing, boat towing, and towing all sorts of vehicles, running or not. 

Twin City Towing has great reviews because we care about your car. Twin City Towing is professional, fast, and affordable. You can call us for towing, and we also respond to calls for emergency services, lockout, fuel services, battery services and pretty much anything bad that can happen to you and your car, truck, boat, or whatever you need towed.

"Wonderful Service!"

“The service was fast and professional. The price was low compared to most around town. I would use them again.” Jackie Stillwell

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